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Expert Session

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  • with Mr. Gaurav Date Traing Specialist, EBSCO info services
  • 25-09-2023

EBSCO Database Training

EBSCO database training was conducted on 25th September 2023 for MCA I & MCA II students. 
Mr. Gaurav Date spoke about the importance of research materials for the students to get the knowledge about latest research work and technologies. He has explained about how to use EBSCO research database, how to search papers and how to narrow down the search by applying various filters to get relevant papers for your research work. He also explained about EBSCO mobile app. It was an interactive session where students asked queries about EBSCO research database.

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  • with Dr. Biju Nathan
  • 14-01-2023

Skill Base Training on Cyber Security

The expert sessions on Cyber Security on January 14th, 2023. A session on Cyber Security Module 3 was conducted for MCA II students, providing them with the latest information and knowledge on the topic. On January 21st, 2023, a session on Cyber Security Module 1 was held for MCA I students, providing them with an introduction to the fundamentals of cyber security. The sessions proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to learn from an expert in the field and develop their knowledge and skills in this crucial area.

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  • with Mr. Amol Dhanpalwar, VP of Engineering- Webonise Labs
  • 23-07-2022

Git and Agile Project Management using Kanban

The session kickstarted with recapitulating the Agile Project Management Concepts- Iteration/ Sprint, Product Backlog, Backlog Grooming, Task Grooming. Further in the session, the speaker demonstrated how to create a Git account and some basic functions such as creating a repository and pushing changes to GitHub. In the world of software projects, it is inevitable that we will find ourselves working in a team to deliver a project. The Speaker explained and proved how GitHub can be used for collaboration among the team members in Software development. The second part of the session was dedicated to the know-how of the Jira Software Board (Kanban Board) which displays issues from one or more projects, giving a flexible way of viewing, managing, and reporting on work in progress.

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  • with Mr. Amey Gaikwad, Project Manager- Frequence
  • 19-03-2022

JMeter, open-source testing software

The session commenced with a brief introduction to performance testing and JMeter, which is designed to cover various categories of tests such as load testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, etc., and why it requires JDK. The session covered the concepts- JMeter features, how it works, environment, JMeter- Test Plan elements. The students had a walkthrough of the tool through a demonstration of the tool with a business use case.

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  • with Mr. Jawed S. Khan, Data scientist,Allana Institute of management sciences, Pune
  • 15-02-2022

Hands on session on classification and association rules using tool Weka

The session begun with the classification rules in data mining. The trainer explained the advantages and short coming s of the association and classification algorithms. He demonstrated the FP growth and Naïve Bayesian data mining techniques using the tool Weka. 

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  • with Mr. Amey Gaikwad, Project Manager- Frequence
  • 05-02-2022

Selenium Tool

The hands-on session on Testing Automation Tool, Selenium started by narrating the paradigm shift in the testing process and the way testing is followed in Agile Project Development. The trainer set the background for the session by pointing out the difference between manual and automation testing. The session covered topics from Selenium WebDriver Installation, a description of Selenium components to writing automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver with Java for various test scenarios. The benefits and the shortcomings of Selenium WebDriver were demonstrated to the students through examples.

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  • with Mr. Jawed S. Khan, Data scientist,Allana Institute of management sciences, Pune
  • 03-02-2022

Hands on session on Datamining tools for clustering and classification using weka

The session started with a short introduction on various classification and clustering algorithms. The session covered the demonstration of classification algorithms like FP Tree, Apriori and clustering algorithms like k-means using the tool Weka. He demonstrated with different dataset. 

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  • with Mr. Jawed S. Khan, Data scientist,Allana Institute of management sciences, Pune
  • 02-02-2022

Data warehousing tool : Big query

Mr. Javed Khan has conducted Hands on Session on Data warehouse and Datamining tools for MCA II ,Sem III students. The trainer started the session with the introduction of classification and clustering techniques. He explained the usage of different tools for data warehousing and data mining. In the session he demonstrated BigQuery, which is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data. He demonstrated the procedure to use Big Query for data warehousing.

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  • with Ms.Lopamudra Sen, Eduskills Foundation
  • 28-09-2021


An online meeting was organized on Google meet and Msteam with Eduskills Foundation by IICMR-MCA department on 28th Sept 2021 and 14th Oct 2021.The meeting was hosted by Ms.Lopamudra Sen, Eduskills Foundation and Ms.Kiran Shinde ,Add-on coordinator-IICMR MCA. It was conveyed about the launch of virtual internship opportunities, an initiative of AICTE and Eduskills during the meeting. Ms.Sen also informed about the global certification training programs by their corporate partners such as CISCO, AWS, blueprism, JUNIPER, paloalto and many more. The session was attended by Dr.Deepali Sawai, Mrs.Renu Mathew , Mr.Sanjay Mathpati , Ms.Meghana Mokashi and coordinated by Ms.Kiran Shinde.

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  • with Mr.Kiran Yerawar, Oracle DBA Mastercard
  • 11-09-2021

Crash, Recovery and Backup, Restore operations in Oracle Database Server

IICMR-MCA department organized a Demonstrative session on Crash, Recovery and Backup, Restore operations in Oracle Database Server. The session was conducted on 11th Sept 2021 by Mr.Kiran Yerawar, Oracle DBA Mastercard. The session was attended by MCAI students. It was comprised of the following points:

1. DBA Roles and Responsibilities

2. Phases of DB (Nomount/Mount/Open)

3. Crash Recovery/DB recovery

4. Backup and restoration

Mr.Yerawar also informed students about the main paths to Oracle DBA: Admin DBA and Developer DBA.

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  • with Mr. Divyesh Patel, Software Lead , Siemens, Pune
  • 14-08-2021

GitHub Repositories

IICMR-MCA department has organised a session on “GitHub ” conducted by Mr. Divyesh Patel who is serving as a Software Lead in Siemens on 14th August 2021 for MCA Semester- II students as a guest lecture for the mini project. Ms. Vandana Pednekar delivered the welcome address and introduced the resource person and briefed on session objectives. The session started with an introduction to Agile Project management . All students were guided to create an GitHub account by registering their details. The implementation of Agile using GitHub was taught to students.Further Mr. Divesh explained about Project Backlog, Sprint, Story and Task, Project Repositories and Iteration Release. He has shown how to create project using SCRUM ,implementation of Problem statement with Agile Tools- GitHub. The session culminated by proposing a vote of thanks.

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  • with Mr. Prakash, Andhale, Hadoop Administrator, Citius Tech Healthcare Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
  • 26-07-2021

Hands on Session on Hadoop Installation

The session included introduction to Amazon Web Services followed by AWS account creation and guidance on EC2 instance in the AWS platform by registering their details. The remote computing tool mobaxterm installation was taught to students to connect the windows machine with the EC2 virtual machine. The public and private key generator puttygen was also installed by students to generate security keys that are used in network computing. The live demonstration of Java installation, Hadoop configuration, HDFS and yarn components set up and map reduce settings are also done.

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  • with Mr. Sunil Deo, India Head, RackWare Inc.
  • 24-07-2021

Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Learning

Mr. Sunil Deo shared his views on the importance of entrepreneurship with ample illustrations and discussion. He enlightened students with grass-root knowledge about the ways to start up. His speech began with innovative ideas which are having demands in the market, strategies to convert ideas into business, qualities to become an entrepreneur etc. He has focused on the importance of creativity, innovation, risk analysis, survey, marketing, customer engagement, strategies for IT business etc. He explained the idea of Entrepreneurship engine. He briefed types of businesses, professionalized business and how to cultivate entrepreneurial aspirations. The speech was followed by question-answer session. Ms. Renu Mathew proposed a vote of thanks.

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  • with Mr. Sambhav Choradia, Software Engineer-Backend, SoluteLabs
  • 10-07-2021

Introduction to NodeJS and API calls

Mr. Sambhav elaborated about Javascript frameworks, NodeJS installation, npm. He also covered NodeJS scaffolding, calling external APIs, use of Postman tool and database connectivity through Node. Students were practicing the same simultaneously.

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  • with Mr. Ishwar Bathe, Software Developer, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • 10-07-2021

Front End Web Framework: Angular

The session mainly aimed to provide insights of Angular, Front end web framework. Mr. Ishwar elaborated directory structure of Angular app. Further he demonstrated the component, services, modules and debugging through a login application. Mr. Ishwar also explained the API calls through Angular.

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  • with Dr. Jyoti Yadav , Asst. Professor, Department of Computer Science SPPU
  • 05-02-2021

How to write an effective research paper

Dr. Jyoti Yadav, Asst. professor, Department of Computer Science SPPU, has delivered session on “How to write an effective research paper “ on 5th Feb 2021. She guided the faculty members on how to do the literature survey , various databases available for pilot run study. She mentored the research scholar about the different plagiarism software used for plagiarism check and madam shared about good research journal, how to identify the impact factor of the journal and its authenticity. 

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  • with Mr. Navin Jadhav, Asst. Manager Analytics, Early Salary
  • 12-12-2020

Alteryx and Tabpy

A guest session on Data Mining Analytics and Tools was organized on 12th Dec 2020 on MS Teams. The topic of discussion was " Alteryx and Tabpy " by Mr Navin Jadhav, Asst. Manager Analytics, Early Salary. He shared valuable insights into Alteryx Applications and Products. The session demonstrated the process workflow of ETL in Alteryx, day-to-day operations in the workflow, and performance optimization in Alteryx. He also introduced students to "TabPy" an integrated python interface in Tableau. Students had really a wonderful interactive session with Mr Navin.

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  • with Mr. Prashant Gadakh, Assistant Professor I2IT
  • 09-12-2020

Copyright and IPR of work

Session on ‘Copyright and IPR of work’ by Mr. Prashant Gadakh, on 9th December 2020 for Entrepreneurship Development Focus group students and faculty members. Dr. Priya Deshpande gave the welcome address & briefed on session objectives. The session started with a what is Intellectual Property Rights and its types. The key aspects of copyright, trademark and patent was explained in the discussion. The speaker emphasized the process flow of copy right and patent filing and also shared the process of getting digital signature. How to prepare patent document was also elaborated.

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  • with Mr. Pankaj Morade, Sr. Consultant , AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • 31-10-2020

CSV file handling and Action in URL fetcher in Tableau

Mr. Pankaj Morade, Sr. Consultant, AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd., conducted session on CSV file handling and Action in URL fetcher in Tableau for MCA II students. He explained that Tableau supports many files format like (txt, csv, excel, pdf, json, statistical, spatial etc). Tableau can also be connected to different types of servers like Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL and Oracle etc. He demonstrated the CSV file handling in Tableau to students. Mr. Pankaj Morade also talked on “Action in URL fetcher in Tableau” 

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  • with Mr. Pankaj Morade, Sr. Consultant , AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • 24-10-2020

Data Blending

Mr. Pankaj Morade , Sr. Consultant, AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd., conducted session on Data blending in Tableau for MCA II students. He explained what is data blending and how to use Data Blending it in Tableau . It is used when there is related data in multiple data sources, which organizations wanted to analyze together in a single view. He also demonstrated that the use of data blending to combine data, how to send a query to the database for each data source that is used on the sheet

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  • with Dr.Mahesh Potdar, Professor IMSCDR, Ahmednagar
  • 07-10-2020

Service Oriented Analysis and Design: A Practical approach

IICMR MCA department organised a session on Service Oriented Analysis and Design: A Practical approach for MCA 3rd year students under the subject Service Oriented Analysis on 7th and 8th Oct 2020 by Dr. Mahesh Potdar, Professor IMSCDR in Online mode through MS Team. Sir started the session with the case study based on time sheet submission and demonstrated creation of web services using Visual studio .NET. He also explored the students about AWS services such as lambda , S3 ,Dynamo DB and API Gateway. Students found the session very much informative.

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  • with Mr.Baillappa Bhovi ,Accredited Educator– AWS Academy
  • 13-03-2020

AWS Services

IICMR-MCA always believes in imparting practical knowledge to our students. Under Cloud computing subject MCA Second year students were given a demonstrative session by Mr.Baillappa Bhovi ,Accredited Educator– AWS Academy, Professor IIIT ,Pune on 13th March 2020. The session was based on services of AWS, career opportunities in AWS and information on AWS solution architect certification along with demonstration of how to create EC2 instance on AWS cloud. The session was very well appreciated by students. The session was coordinated by Ms.Kiran Shinde.

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  • with Mr. Himanshu Patel, Senior Software Engineer, Harbinger Systems.
  • 03-08-2019

PHP Framework- LARAVEL

Session Started with formal introduction of Mr. Himanshu Patel, Senior Software Engineer, Harbinger Systems. He started session with brief introduction of PHP and its frameworks. He introduced MVC and MVVM architecture in web development. He advised students to use frameworks in project development. He demonstrated downloading and installing open-source PHP Framework- Laravel. He added Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel aims to make the development process a pleasing one for the developer without sacrificing application functionality. Later he introduced database connectivity using Laravel and also demonstrated form data validation with database. Laravel is the most popular framework in php. Lots of projects run on production using Laravel. So, He urged students to use Laravel in your project. It will help in best quality of code and also provides lot of features so you can easily implement that.

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  • with Ms.Drushti Oza, Ms.Stuti Sharma (MS System Security, Symbiosis University)
  • 12-02-2019

Introduction to DEVSTACK

A Session on introduction to DEVSTACK was conducted on 12th February 2019 from 1:30 pm to 3:00pm. The session was conducted for MCA II students under the capsule program for Cloud Computing subject. Ms. Stuti from Symbiosis University started the session with the necessity of learning cloud computing in today’s digital era. She also briefed about the history of Open stack. Then after Ms. Drushti talked about Devstack architecture and its services. She explained the complete life cycle of an instance created by making use of various services of Devstack Finally she made the students aware about various career opportunities in Devstack. The session was very well received by the students as per the online feedback collected

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  • with Mr.Rahul Pahade, Principal Support Engineer, VERITAS Technologies
  • 09-02-2019

Introduction to Shell and Shell scripts

A Session on introduction to Shell and Shell scripts was conducted on 9th February 2019 from 1:30 pm to 3:00pm. The session was conducted for MCA I students under the capsule program for Essentials of Operating System subject. Mr. Rahul Pahade, Principal Support Engineer, VERITAS Technologies started the session with the necessity of learning open source operating system because of its extensive use in IT industries. He shared some of the basic shell commands with students and talked about how the shell scripts are used for automating the monotonous tasks such as backup activity. At the end of the session he informed the students about the career opportunities in system administration. The session was very well received by the students as per the online feedback collected.

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  • with Mr. Akhil KrishnaKumar, Software developer, SpringerNature
  • 18-09-2018


A  session on pre placement guidance for AngularJS was conducted to make students aware of latest technology usage in web development. The session was mainly focused on latest trends from web development. He shared that nowadays web developers are shifting to Angular beyond AngularJS . He covered a command line interface for Angular that is Angular CLI, Angular Components, Data binding with Services, Observables. The trainer advised the students to get exposure to live projects and see the problems faced while implementing angular based framework. The session got overwhelming response from students. They enthusiastically participated in question and answer session to resolve their queries.

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  • with Ms. Kiran Shinde
  • 05-12-2017

Models of Cloud Computing

 A seminar on “Models in Cloud computing” was conducted by Ms.Kiran Shinde on 5th Dec 2017. The seminar was attended by MCA faculty members. Ms.Kiran presented a video on “What is Cloud computing?” in the beginning of Seminar. The motive of seminar was to understand the technical details of the service models in Cloud computing such as SAAS, PAAS and IAAS.

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  • with Mr.Sumanto Dutta
  • 06-07-2017

Raspberry Pi with Python

The first day of the training covered the basics of Python programming. Topics covered include how to install the latest version of Python, basics of Python programming such as declaring datatypes, using functions and file handling. On the second day, the faculty members got started with using Raspberry Pi. The faculty members developed two applications using Python with Raspberry Pi (one using DHT 11 sensor to detect temperature and humidity and upload it to file in the cloud) and got to learn basics of cloud computing. It was a great learning opportunity for the faculty members.

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  • with Dr. Harold D'Costa, CEO - Intelligent Quotient Security System
  • 03-09-2016

Vigilant footsteps in the Digital World

Dr. Harold D’Costa, CEO - Intelligent Quotient Security System was invited for guiding students on –Do’s and Don’ts in the Cyber World. He discussed about pros and cons of social media accounts and digital valet. He also added that the current generation being more techno-savvy will probably face more cyber-crimes. He concluded the session urging everyone to make vigilant footsteps in the digital world.

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  • with Dr. Deepak Shikarpur
  • 21-06-2016

Career opportunities in IT

 Dr. Shikarpur guided the students on various professional careers which can be taken up after completing their degree . He explained that it‘s a misconception in the students mind that only there is career only in software programming or development but there are plenty of careers in IT field like Networking, Software testing, ERP, Web Development & Designing, Mobile Applications, Databases & analytics and so on. On should also try to acquire an international certification for good career prospects.

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  • with Dr. Deepak Shikarpur
  • 21-06-2016

MCA Track Orientation Program

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Board member of IT/ITES companies in India and Abroad (SEED, Autoline Design, Saama Inc USA,) Academic Member Academic Council YCMOU, Member IT Board (new entity of AICTE),Member Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Pune Kendra ,Trade Bodies Chairman IT Committee MCCIA spoke on the importance of doing a post-graduation and relevance of International Certification. The session was organized as SPPU university MCA syllabus has been revised. He oriented the students on all the tracks in MCA syllabus and urged the students to select the right track by mapping their skills and aspirations. He added that learning a foreign language will help them get a job faster.

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  • with Mr. Ajay Ghuge
  • 22-02-2016

Sales force

A Seminar on “Sales force” was conducted by Mr. Ajay Ghuge, Sales force Certified Developer for MCA Second year students. The topics discussed during the seminar were Cloud computing concept, Sales force Registration and usage. He gave demo on sales force development and customer lead management. He also demonstrated how to utilize the facilities provided in Salesforce.com, how to implement new applications and how to customize the fields for particular area.

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  • with Mr. Vinod Sharma , Big Data Consultant at CapGemini
  • 30-01-2016

Making Business Intelligent through BI Tools

The session mainly focused the essentials of Big Data & Hadoop along with hands on experience on Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Impala, Flume & Case study on Twitter Sentiment Analysis. The students of MCA 2nd and 3rd year attended the session along with Faculty members.

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  • with Mr. Krunal Sabnis, Consultant & Trainer in Hadoop
  • 17-12-2015

Big Data & Hadoop

Informative session on Hadoop. The expert explained Cloundera, NoSQL, Oozie, Sqoop. He explored Hive, Pig and Map reduce. He also gave the information about the international certification for students. The students of MCA 2nd and 3rd year attended the session along with Faculty members.

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  • with Mr. Rajeev Pradhan, Director Cognizant
  • 14-09-2015

Industry expectation from the freshers

Mr. Rajeev Pradhan explained what an IT Industry expects from the fresher. He said the attitude and the learnability are the most important qualities the students should have along with dedication, hardworking and sincerity. The students of MCA 1st ,2nd and 3rd year attended the session.

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  • with Mr.Paresh Degaonkar, Dy Director NASSCOM
  • 14-09-2015

Getting ready for the future

Mr. Paresh Degaonkar motivated the students to pursue the dreams they carry in their heart . He narrated his personal experiences which was very well taken by the students of MCA 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.

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  • with Mr.Debashish Pramanik, IT Director,Cloudcodes Ms.Priyanka Acharya,Cloudcodes
  • 09-04-2014

Usage of Google Apps

A demo session on usage of Google Apps was conducted by Mr.Debashish Pramanik,IT Director,Cloudcodes for all faculty members. He made aware about the extra features available with Google Apps such as calendar, Goggle document, Google spreadsheet, Google site and many more to make the administration of all the academic activities easy. He also informed that the Google Apps can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. He talked on the Hangout feature which enables approximately 15 users to participate in video conferencing altogether. He ended the session by informing about the real time collaboration feature of Google Apps.

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  • with Mrs.Surekha Kini, City Pride School
  • 07-02-2014

Scratch Programming

To keep up with the rapidly evolving technologies, session on Scratch software was conducted by Mrs.Surekha Kini, City Pride School on 7th February 2014. She explained various features of Scratch software like creating programs that control and mix graphical animations, music and sounds. Participants were given interesting examples and were explained how interactive stories, games, and animations can be created.

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  • with Mr. Vijay Vipat Directror,Vipat Technologies
  • 07-09-2013

Enterprise Resource Planning

Seminar on Enterprise resource planning was conducted by Mr. Vijay Vipat. The session was very interactive. The guest speaker Mr. Vijay Vipat highlighted the advantages of ERP implementation in the organization. He briefed about different modules in the ERP. He also discussed the various issues in ERP implementation with live case study.

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