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Mentoring Forms

The Department offers a highly-effective Mentoring system through which a faculty member is assigned to the students. Mentors interacts with the mentees and guide them for studies and extra-curricular activities. The Institute conducts mentoring and counseling sessions for the students. The Strength and Weakness analysis of the students is done. This helps the students to work on their weak areas and also gives them an idea for future opportunities The mentoring document is maintained having both personal and academic information of Mentee, which is a point of reference for every mentoring session. It is updated as per the Mentee’s progression.


  • 1. To build a warm, safe, empowering and satisfying environment in the class by identifying the signs of trouble and resolving the same (through class mentoring).
  • 2. To develop synergistic team spirit and to inspire the team members to live in harmony by making them understand the impact of their behavior on team (by Group mentoring)
  • 3. To reveal innate talents of students and enhance their abilities to make productive career decisions and to give assistance for overcoming the weaknesses and build strength (by one-one mentoring).

Types of mentoring

  • 1. Class mentoring : Mentoring at Class level
  • 2. Team Mentoring : Mentoring at team level
  • 3. One-to-one mentoring : Mentoring at personal level


  • * Bonding between the students and teachers is enhanced
  • * Conducive learning environment is developed
  • * Supports in career mapping of the students
  • * Continuous guidance supports in developing confident students
  • * Psycho-social support whenever required
  • * Reduced stress level

These observations are based on the feedback from stakeholders like Industry, faculty and parents through various interactions and feedback from students

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